How Much Does a Safety Entrance® Cost?

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Let’s talk about pricing, so you can get an understanding if our safety and security solutions fit within your budget. Pricing for a Safety Entrances® is on parallel with asking how much for a Ford truck. I chose Ford because I’ve been driving one since 1973. Think of the options and accessories. Want the crew cab? What size engine? Want the towing package? How about the metallic paint job and the sporty rims? How about leather seats and Bluetooth compatible sound system? So we’re talking what; a pricing ranging from $30,000 – $70,000, not counting the costs associated with installation services.
Pricing a Safety Entrance® is no different. We’ve delivered very basic entrances for less than $18,000. By the same token, we’ve engineered very sophisticated site-specific entrances for more than $120,000 per lane.
The aspects of a standard Safety Entrance® that most affect the cost are in this order; the type of glass, the screening technologies needed the structure’s configuration and its finish. These 4 items make up 70% of an entrances material and labor costs. Additional engineering costs apply when changes to form, fit or function are required.
Glass: The cost of the glass we offer to the commercial client’s ranges from $3000 for UL 972 Riot Glass up to $26,000 for UL 752 Level II Ballistic glass. The greater the bullet resistant capability of the glass the more expensive the glass will be. What’s more the higher ballistic rating the heavier the glass will be.

Screening Devices: The most expensive screening device in our Safety Entrance® is the metal detector. You want the best product possible when it comes to detecting weapons, contraband, or assets, and that’s Ceia by a long shot. However, even Ceia metal detectors will vary in price based on the application and the level of metal detection required. MSRP Prices here range from $7,200 to $30,000.
In addition, you may want sensors for functionalities to prevent tailgating, exit line breaches, or left objects detection.
Size Matters: Go figure, the larger the structure more aluminum and glass required, the greater the cost. A standard “off the shelf” configuration will cost more than a site-specific design. Think in terms of track homes vs. custom built ones.

Site Specific Engineering: At $125 per hour engineering cost add up quickly. A good rule of thumb to consider is added engineering is required when customizing an entrance’s form, fit or operational function.
In a nutshell; the MSRP for a standard ballistic rated Single Lane system starts at $42,000. The MSRP for a standard ballistic rated two-lane entrance will be approximately $58,000. These prices do not factor in freight to the destination or the installation services provided by your security integrator.

So why wait? Contact Isotec today at (720) 545-2816 oremail us at to learn more about our patented security solutions.

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