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Your Ultimate Eyewitness

Facial recognition augmented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become one of the most assured ways of transforming the data all around us into a helpful tool Continue reading

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Los Angeles Airport Police Target Insider Threats

CNBC (9/7) reports on the teams of undercover police officers with Los Angeles Airport Police that patrol Los Angeles International Airport to spot “insider threat[s].” Law enforcement officials “say airports around the country routinely monitor the thousands of employees, who must undergo a criminal background check and get fingerprinted.” At Los Angeles airport, police “screen employees and check IDs as part of a multi-agency operation.” Chief David Maggard Jr. enforces the airport’s “zero tolerance” policy for employees, which means an Read More

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Exit Lance Breach Control Funding Passed

The House has passed the first-ever comprehensive DHS authorization bill that covers all components of the department: including TSA, Customs, and Border Protection. The measure includes authorizations for the law enforcement officer (LEO) reimbursement program at the current funding level of $45 million and for TSA exit lane staffing at the current rate of $77 million annually. .

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Air Travelers See Tougher Security Before Beach Season

Associated Press (03/22/10) Weber, Harry R. As the summer travel season gears up, observers are concerned that new security measures could increase wait times at the nation’s airports. The new measures include the installation of nearly 1,000 full-body scanners in airports across the country by the end of 2011, the expanded use of portable Explosive Trace Detection machines, and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) efforts to make the screening process less predictable. Thus far, passengers say they are understanding of the Read More

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