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Bullet Resistant Doors

Bulletproof doors are better defined as ballistic resistant or bullet resistant doors. Isotec’s ballistic doors are made from ballistic resistant aluminum and bullet resistant glass that holds a UL 752 classification. Isotec’s ballistic doors can be designed to withstand high-velocity rounds from an AK-47 or other high-powered rifles.

Isotec provides UL rated ballistic door protection for military installations, U.S. strategic sites, federal agencies, municipalities and commercial facilities. Our ballistic security door systems have documented proof they prevent armed assaults on banks.

Isotec bullet resistant doors are manufactured to be risk appropriate to the facility being protected. Since buildings vary in dimensions and security requirements differ, Isotec produces 7 standard models of ballistic security doors systems.

Isotec’s forte is designing systems that are site-specific to meet a facility’s aesthetic requirements, including the actual door sizes.

Ballistic door performance is a mission-critical requirement of our automated entrance control systems. Isotec only recommends UL 752 certified bullet-resistant glass for our ballistic doors. This specification is in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Anti-terrorism Technology requirement. Isotec recommends UL Level I or UL Level II glass as ballistic security doors.

A ballistic door system with UL Level I glass can withstand high-velocity rounds from a 9MM handgun. Ballistic door systems with UL Level II glass are tested to stop high-velocity rounds from a .357 magnum handgun.

Isotec uses 6061 T65 high tensile strength aluminum alloy for our ballistic door frames. Our bullet resistant doors will use 1/8” aluminum tubing for UL Level I ballistic protection or ¼” thick aluminum tubing for UL Level II protection.

Ballistic rated doors are heavier than standard commercial doors. Therefore, Isotec uses concealed door closers that are warrantied for 10 years. These heavy duty door closers are protected by a solid aluminum header. This concealment prevents damage from vandalism or armed assault.

Our bulletproof doors are swing doors. The can open from the right side or left side. Our ballistic doors can also be designed to be bi-directional and swing in a 180-degree arch. This is important to smaller facilities with limited space where doors must open in the direction of egress.

Isotec’s ballistic doors are also rated for high winds in excess of 115 mph. Our ballistic door systems meet the code for requirements for areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes such as Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

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