The Importance of Independent Security Systems

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An effective and reliable security system is paramount to the success and growth of a business. It protects all aspects of a company from personnel and customers to important and sensitive information, to the physical facility itself. A secure workplace can also increase employee morale and productivity which directly impacts customer satisfaction and may lead to better customer retention rates.

While most professionals realize the importance of having a security system, few businesses do little to properly protect their unique situations. Even when using a system which controls who comes in and out of their building, many fail to realize the importance of independent security degrees.

Independent security degrees, also known as access control, refers to the differing levels of access to the building all personnel have. This can take many forms, often seen as login credentials, keycards, electronic IDs, biometrics, and more. With independent security degrees you are able to determine and enforce who has access to the grounds, buildings, equipment, sensitive areas, and all other aspects of your facility. It’s as important to control not only who can gain entry to your building, but what locations within that they can access.

Knowing both who is on your premises and where they are allowed is a crucial preventative security measure. One keycard or ID shouldn’t grant an employee access to the entire building. While this seems much easier at face value, there are glaring risks involved. One keycard could be programed for only first floor access while an identical one would allow for the highest security clearance, but it runs the risk of being swapped, copied, or stolen. With independent security degrees, that single stolen card can’t get the thief into every part of the facility. Door 1 may require a keycard, but door 2 needs a passcode, and door 3 won’t open without a biometric signature.

This form of security is especially important when digital assets and data are critical to your business’s operations. Only people who need to work directly with sensitive information or specialized equipment should be given access, to mitigate risk of mistake or malicious threats. Unauthorized computer usage can lead to stolen data, corrupted files, malware, data breaches, and digital sabotage.

Access control gives businesses and employees better accountability among personnel. If there is a data breach at a specific terminal, good security can eliminate the guessing game of who was there and get right to resolving the issue.

Independent security degrees are highly important for organizations with hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Their various resources, apps, and data reside both at the facility and in the cloud and while many companies focus on the digital hazards, this tunnel vision leaves the physical location vulnerable.

Independent security degrees also act as a safeguard for emergencies. Emergency responders should know how many people are in your building and the added information of where they are within can be lifesaving.

Isotec Security knows the importance of having independent security degrees and can provide the solutions to help prevent unauthorized access to every important aspect of your business. For over 20 years, we’ve worked with clients from an array of different industries and helped craft specified security solutions that work for them. Every system we create is designed specially with your security needs in mind and engineered to your specifications. Many of Isotec’s systems are currently used in some of the most secure locations in the world, such as law enforcement agencies, military bases, and IT facilities. With Isotec, you’re not just getting an effective and reliable security solution, but a solution that’s designed with your facility’s Form, Fit, and Function in mind.

Contact us today and schedule a physical security risk assessment to see how Isotec Security can solve your security needs!

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