Designing Security With Daily Use In Mind

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Know Your Security

While effective, reliable security is essential for all businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and finding the right one can be very difficult. Not only does the facility itself dictate the security needed, but the amount of foot traffic will also have a huge influence. Security systems are designed to prevent and deter all kinds of threats, but they should also be designed with daily use in mind.

Access Control - Opening Door

One main point to consider when creating a security system is the throughput – how many people will need to go through it daily. If this location only has 10 people that will be coming through a day, a slower and more secure option is ideal. On the other hand, if your facility sees hundreds or even thousands of guests a day, then you may want to opt for a quicker security solution that is more convenient for the guest. This consideration is not just for customers; it shouldn’t be a hassle for authorized personnel to enter your building. After all, security systems should make it tough for thieves and others with ill intentions to break in, not for your guests and employees to enter.

A perfect security system is very difficult to build. Perhaps you want to take every precaution against weapons, but that comes at a 30+ second screening per person, and security that takes too long can be a deterrent to guests as well. Great security involves dozens of factors that can be overwhelming or worse, overlooked. There has to be wiggle room in the list of priorities for a system to be both functional and practical. Regardless, you shouldn’t be making huge compromises in either security or convenience, and with Isotec you won’t have to. 

Isotec Solutions

Our single lane mantrap doors are perfect for places with minimal foot traffic, as they only authorize one entrant at a time. They can also be combined into a series of doors for a seamless mid-level option. For places with a higher volume of foot traffic like retail stores, Ceia’s OpenGate system is a great solution that not only has high throughput but takes up minimal space. For places like banks that fall somewhere in between, our double lane option is perfect.

Finding the right balance between effective security and convenience for daily use can be challenging, but not with the help of an expert in the field like Isotec. We’ll work with you to design security solutions around your building with daily use in mind. There’s no one else you’d want to trust the safety of your organization, employees, and customers too. Contact us today!

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