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Access Control Systems Manufacturers: What You Need to Know

  Isotec Security is a leading manufacturer of access control systems that protect individuals and businesses from potential threats by monitoring and controlling access through the use of proven protection systems and modern technology. Our systems include elements such as bulletproof doors and ballistic resistant glass panels, and our Safety Entrance has been certified by the Department of Homeland Security as a qualified anti-terrorism technology. For those businesses experiencing a need to implement access control systems in the workplace, there Read More

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Single Lane Access Controlled Doors Gaining Favor

Isotec’s single lane Safety Entrances® accommodate smaller design requirements. Demand from financial institutions trending toward smaller branches and high value retail establishments with small footprints appreciate their long-term value. Single lane Safety Entrances® are bi-directional and programmed to provide entrance control or exit control. Isotec pre-programs logic controllers to determine the systems functionality; whether to operate as an entrance or an exit. The security vestibules have walk through metal detectors to protect against armed assaults. With operational lives of more than 10 years, the capital Read More

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Department of Homeland Security Video

Take 3 minutes to listen to Bruce Davidson from Homeland Security and security professionals on the importance of SAFETY Act approved products. Isotec Security is in the anti-terrorism business. We know that offering SAFETY Act approved products removes the guesswork for our clients. They know the process and product standards set forth by Homeland Security reduce their liabilities while keeping safe and protecting what matters most. They understand that acts terrorism are rising and their countermeasures to prevent terrorism and violent crimes must Read More

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Underwriters Laboratory Glass vs. HP White Glass

Spall – “flakes of a material that are broken off a larger solid body and can be produced by a variety of mechanisms, including as a result of projectile impact.” – Wikipedia Spall might not mean much to you. However, spall might be the last thing you’ll see if you’re on the “witness side” of HP White type glass, as you will most likely be blinded and severely scarred. The photos below show shards of spall and the resulting effects Read More

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The "New Normal" Security Standards

Shootem Up Flyer_2016 Terrorist and criminals have escalated their levels of violence throughout the world. They deem no act too severe, or target too soft to achieve their objectives. Therefore, safety and security countermeasures need to operate with zero risk tolerances to deny terrorists and criminals the ability to project their “new normal”. Here are some requirements to protect against the “new normal” paradigm. Must Work 24/7 – 365 Days a Year Safety & security countermeasures must operative and be Read More

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