Protecting Small Government Properties

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The images to come out of the US Capitol building on January 6th,2021, especially those taken by the rioters themselves, are striking. What should have been a very secure government facility was overrun in a matter of minutes by groups of political extremists who quickly pushed past police lines. The event caused the US Capitol police chief to resign, saying that he expected a peaceful protest, rather than a violent attack. This attack wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last as evidenced by the various other attacks and threats mounted in 2020 far exceeded previous years. Attacks like these on government buildings by political extremists should be taken as a lesson for every government facility, no matter the size.

Protecting Small Government Properties

So improving government security systems is important now more than ever, but what improvements should be made? At Isotec, we believe bias-free security is the best security and that’s why all of our products are completely automated to reduce potential faults where possible and eliminate human error.

Starting with mantraps, the term refers to a door system with interlocking access control tools that deny access to any unauthorized person and can be made to prevent “piggybacking” or tailgating”. Mantrap doors are comprised of two sets of doors individuals must pass through, creating a pseudo-airlock because in order for one door to be open, the other must be shut and locked. A magnetic lock or a latch & strike can be used to lock and secure the door. This system is governed by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) which provide an array of codes that can govern the operation of the system to make it unique from all others. Small government buildings and courthouses may not need mantrap doors at every entrance and exit, but the security they provide is a necessity at every main entrance and entrances to secure areas.

Small government buildings and courthouses should also look to protect against individuals passing their credentials, IDs, access card, et cetera to others, allowing for unauthorized access. The systems designed to prevent this are commonly known as “anti-passback” and work to detect and prevent improper access with dedicated lanes programmed to allow people to leave a facility without an immediate way back inside. These “anti-passback” systems are most commonly seen in airports and other places where security is paramount, making them a natural fit for courthouses and all other government buildings.

Exit lane breach control provides another solution to secure exiting. As opposed to manned exit lane security, the method operates all day long with no hitches and has no given attack or weak point. These systems respond immediately when activated or compromised, and the built-in redundancies ensure all exits are scrutinized and monitored the same way, free of bias. Exit lane breach control not only gives small government buildings more security than a security guard but also comes with none of the potentials for lawsuits. The exit land breach control solutions Isotec provides are essential for the more heavily trafficked exit areas in any government building.

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Isotec can design all these security solutions and more government buildings of all types! Contact us today to schedule a physical security risk assessment with one of our experts and see what Isotec can do to make your properties more secure!  

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