Security Door Systems & How to Choose the Right One

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Choosing security door systems for your commercial building is of the utmost importance. You want to choose a system that is appropriate based on the flow of people, the valuable assets held within the building, and more.

There is more technology in the market than ever before. This can lead to an overwhelming number of choices for you. By gaining a better understanding of how the different doors work, you can start to see which ones would be most appropriate for your bank, airport, or other commercial building.

It’s also important to understand that in addition to high-end security doors, there are also various access control systems that can help you limit who enters what areas. Standard alarm systems, video surveillance, and more can also be added to enhance your security to the highest level. A customized solution is always available to you.

The Options on the Market

There are several security systems on the market for you to choose from:

 – High-end security door and access control systems

 – Standard alarm systems

 – Video surveillance

 – Entry systems

There are pros and cons involved with each of these. With high-end security door and access control systems, you can limit entry and have sensors that will help you to determine if people should have access to particular areas. The primary con, however, is the initial investment of these systems.

Standard alarm systems are affordable, though they will only tell you once you already have an intruder on premises. It does nothing to prevent the intruder from gaining access.
Video surveillance systems will help you to gain visibility of every corner of your premises. However, you need to be watching the surveillance in order to find an intruder before they actually gain entry where they’re not permitted.

Entry systems can use locks, keypads, and even biometrics to determine if people should enter. Some are easy to bypass. You also have to establish a plan to determine who should have access to what. Often, you will want to have a custom solution built with high-end security and access control.Once you have decided on the type of security system you will need to look at the available security door systems.

Interlocking Doors

One of the first systems to consider is that of interlocking doors. These are being used with greater frequency in public buildings, such as courthouses and bio-medical facilities. An interlocking door system provides a secondary door for the public to walk through before they are granted access to the building itself.

There is a lot that can be integrated into what is commonly known as mantrap doors. This includes screening sensors, biometrics, and more.

One of the main benefits is that it can be customized to meet your needs – either both doors locked or security access in place in order to isolate security threats. In most instances, when one door opens the other door locks in order to keep people out until the threat is neutralized. Additionally, there are fail-safe programs in place so that the mantrap doors will unlock automatically if there is an emergency.

Tailgating Access Control Systems

Tailgating access control is something else that can be added to your security measures. The access control system becomes automated with the security doors along with proper sensors. It ensures that tailgating is prevented.

You can also choose to add annunciators inside the system so that occupants know what needs to be done.

Tailgating may be a serious concern within your building. As such, you need to consider a countermeasure. You can choose to deter, detect, or even prevent tailgating. In some instances, the tailgating is accidental. Simply, people don’t know better. The second is more difficult. It usually involves premeditated tailgating that is deliberate with intent. In some instances, the act can be that of espionage.

Tailgating access control systems come with a wide array of benefits, including being able to have enforcement measures in place for violators. The primary con is that the cost can be considerable, especially when installing infrared beam systems and other types of sensors.

Ballistics Doors

It’s also important to explore ballistics doors. You want to make it difficult for people to access certain areas. By choosing ballistic resistant doors, they become bulletproof.
Isotec designs an array of different ballistic doors so that they become site-specific. UL-rated door protection is common for military installations, federal agencies, and even an array of commercial facilities. They are heavier than standard doors and are made of ballistic resistant aluminum as well as UL 752 glass.

Typically, there isn’t a single product that you will need in order to enhance your security. It will be a combination of products in order to create a complete, customized system.

At Isotec, we offer a wide array of products, including mantrap security door systems, automated security doors, and ballistic doors. Our standard exit lane breach control feature also prevents people from entering through designated exit lanes, such as what’s in airports.

To learn how Isotec Security Inc. can help protect you: call us today at (720) 545-2816 or contact us at

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